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Miami-Dade Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely. Also, please send them a thank you note.


If you have a resource you'd like to share by doing a look-up for others please E-MAIL and we'll add you to the list!


The USGenWeb Project Policy Statement on Lookups

USGenWeb Project, FLGenWeb and Miami-Dade County FLGenWeb prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyrights.  Pease DO NOT ask for large quantities of information,  information on multiple people, or photocopies of pages from the books.

We will not condone, defend or be held responsible for violations of law  committed by said volunteers.


Glenn McAnarney thecensusguys@hotmail.com CENSUS TO 1930
Genealogical Society of Greater Miami (GSGM) GSGMFL@gmail.com 1885 Florida State Census for Dade County
Wendy Campbell wcampbell114@hotmail.com CENSUS 1880
Nancy C. Sieck rsieck@cfl.rr.com "Dade County, Florida Marriage Records, Book 1, 1840-1905"
Patrice miami@flgenweb.net Miami Diary 1896
Will lookup names in index
Susie Thereinaflash@aol.com Miami and the West Indies A book of Miami Hotels from 1941 showing rates, etc
Tamara Hallo
Will do Lookups 1966 and 1967 Miami Coral Park yearbook and 1941 and 1944 Ponce De Leon yearbook
GSGM members GSGMFL@gmail.com Miami-Dade Library lookups
GSGM members GSGMFL@gmail.com Cemetery photos