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Miami-Dade County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name
Latitude (DMS)
Longitude (DMS)
Map Name
Charlotte Jane Memorial Park 253800N 0802245W South Miami NW
Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery 254328N 0801512W South Miami
City Cemetery 254734N 0801134W Miami
Dade Memorial Park 255402N 0801320W North Miami
Dade South Memorial Park 253810N 0802302W South Miami NW
Evergreen Memorial Park 254848N 0801445W Miami
Flagler Memorial Park 254620N 0801700W Hialeah
Graceland Memorial Park 254545N 0801605W Hialeah
Lakeside Memorial Park 254755N 0802146W Hialeah
Lakeside Memorial Park 252155N 0800800W Pacific Reef
Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park 253600N 0802400W Goulds
Lincoln Evergreen Memorial Park 254900N 0801445W Miami
Lincoln Memorial Park 254902N 0801445W Miami
Miami Memorial 254235N 0801910W South Miami
Miami Memorial Park Cemetery 254240N 0801913W South Miami
Mount Nebo Cemetery 254634N 0801705W Hialeah
Miami Shores Memorial Park 255354N 0801318W North Miami
Mount Sinai Memorial Park 255401N 0801306W North Miami
Oaklawn Pet Cemetery 255140N 0801357W Miami
Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery 254801N 0802249W Hialeah SW
Palm Memorial Cemetery  #1 253100N 0802603W Goulds
Pine Lawn Memorial Cemetery 253822N 0802303W South Miami NW
Pinelawn Memorial 253735N 0802155W South Miami
Silver Green Cemetery 253241N 0802446W Goulds
Star of David Memorial Park 254252N 0801917W South Miami
Vista Memorial Gardens 255412N 0801740W Opa-locka
Woodlawn Park Cemetery 254540N 0801458W Miami
Woodlawn Park Cemetery South 253935N 0802255W South Miami NW

Source:  G.N.I.S.  United State Geographic Survey